• If our eyes truly are the windows to our soul then why not make them as beautiful as can be! Be brave and daring and go with vibrant colors or try sultry smokey eyes for date night with someone special. Either way, we have what you need to let your inner light shine.

    Here are a few tips on applying Eye Make-up like a pro:  Use 3 colors.

    1. Apply the base color to the lid, and just the lid being careful not to go above that.
    2. Apply the darker color to the crease of your eyes, blending it with the lid color with a eyeshadow brush.
    3. The lightest color comes last, which should be applied on your brow bone, for the highlight. You can also apply this color to the inner corner if you want extra pop.

    4.  When applying eyeliner on the bottom pull down gently with your ring finger or your middle finger and put the eyeliner on your waterline. Then under the waterline if you want to do that.  For the top, on the lid, apply close to your lash line. Pull gently to the side to get the eyeliner straight and wallah beautiful eyes!

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