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  • Welcome to Make-up Brushes, Etc. I hope you enjoy shopping at this site.  We are having tons of fun trying products and letting you know which ones we like.  You will find that our site just lets you know what you can buy from Amazon, ELF and Dermaflash.   Click on the many products throughout the page and find what you love!

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  • My girls are always shopping on the internet looking for new items to test their techniques. So we've tested a few out and for those of you who want to know the difference between synthetic brushes and real hair brushes here's a few pointers.

    1. Synthetic brushes are less expensive but product doesn't cling to them as well as real hair brushes (which can be a plus sometimes when applying blush).

    2. Synthetic brushes are easier to clean.

    3. Real hair make-up brushes are porous and easier to apply make up. There is a little more product waste with real hair make-up brushes because they absorb the product but the application is smooth.

    4. Real hair make-up brushes are also a little more difficult to clean and can get rather smelly...kinda like stinky feet!

    Another option is a sponge. Regardless, you should try both types of make-up brushes and find your fit! Fingers are always an option, but watch out if you have teenagers and white towels...say good bye to the towels!  And don't for get to wear your SMILE, it's your most beautiful cosmetic!


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  • Simplify your life! Find your favorite products here and have them shipped directly to your door! No more worrying about needing a new stipple brush or running out of foundation or mascara and having to find time in your busy day to beat the traffic and stand in line to buy your every day supplies. Just click and relax, watch the wrinkles fade! If you do not see a product you like, just email us at 2016getitright@gmail.com and we will do our best to add it to our website. Thanks for shopping with us today and don't forget, you are never fully dressed without your SMILE!


    Here are a few products that we have tried and liked...loved!  

    Give it a try, you might like it too!

  • This is a favorite of all 3 of us!

    Goes on smooth and looks great while protecting your precious face!

  • e.l.f. cosmetics
  • Just tried this little gem of a cleanser and loved it!  Left my skin feeling soft and clean like a rose petal!

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